About me

Jenna Tammadge - owner of Tailwaggers Ottawa

 I have loved animals as far back as I can remember. I grew up with Bearded Collies so I have pretty well always had a dog by my side. People always know where to find me if there’s a dog around, because the dog will probably be getting all of my attention. Being the animal lover that I am I have always been more than happy to look after friends and families pets, while they are away. And now getting to call this passion of mine my work is a dream come true. Dogs in particular need a good combination of exercise, playtime, quiet time and cuddles and I am here to offer it all.

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"Jenna at Tailwaggers Ottawa is perfect for me - it's not easy to find someone who you can trust with your pet and know they are very well taken care of.”

Nicholas Kurtz - Stanley's dad



Richmond, Ottawa, ON


(613) 296-0234